Magic Oxygen Contest 2018


Magic Oxygen Literary Prize – MOLP for short – released their poetry and short story shortlist #4 a couple of days ago. I had entered as a last minute thing, so being invited to log into Facebook Live to watch the shortlist announcement was pretty exciting stuff. I wasn’t on the list but it was still a funfilled few minutes viewing.

Magic Oxygen is a publishing house – and writing contest – with a difference. Your £5 entry fee and proceeds from the sale of the competition anthology supports the community in Bore, Kenya, including the building of a new classroom for Kundeni Primary school, and each entry buys a tree to be planted in the same area.

The idea is to build a ‘word forest’ and help the area recover from mass deforestation due to charcoal burning, settlement expansion and conversion of land to agriculture. At the last update, this legacy forest is now 11 times the size of Wembley Stadium and growing. Not only will it replenish life-giving trees, it offers the community in Bore a potential future income.

In the grander scheme of things, Bore is close to the equator, meaning that trees grow quickly which makes the area incredibly efficient at balancing CO2 and oxygen for the benefit of the whole planet.

MOLP #5 opens in October 2018 and I’ll definitely be entering again. Got a suitable poem or short story? Why not add it to your contest list and give it a go?

Love reading and want to support our environment?

I’m adding the anthologies to my ‘must read‘ list, knowing the proceeds are going to a good cause and I’ll get some interesting new lit to read. I use a lot of paper, I read a lot of books. It’s nice to know I’m doing something to contribute back and supporting an amazing community at the same time.