Magic Wants to Be Fed: Cooking the Books with Robin Hobb

A few years old now, but I only just found it. It’s an interview by Fran Wilde with one of my favourite authors, Robin Hobb, on the use of food in her fantasy worlds. If you’ve not yet discovered her books, I recommend them highly.

Fran Wilde

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This summer, I met Robin Hobb at Loncon3. We were both on a great food politics panel and she is as lovely and charming in person as you can imagine. When I asked her later if she’d join Cooking the Books for an interview, I knew my chances were slim, given that she’s hard at work on the new book – but she said yes. Everyone wins!

Robin is the bestselling author of short stories, books, and fantasy series including the Farseer trilogy, The Liveship Traders trilogy, and The Fitz and the Fool trilogy. Knowing that Robin has many loyal fans, I offered the lovely folks at reddit/fantasy a chance to join me in interviewing her. What follows are her fantastic answers to the questions we put together — please join me in welcoming Robin Hobb to the November Cooking the Books!

CTB: From the…

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