The Flash Fiction Form


I’m extremely pleased to be writing again. I’ve been playing with the flash fiction form. It’s hard cramming everything in under 500 words but I have managed it. How on earth do people manage in 100 words or less?

Some markets will count flash fiction as anything under 1000, which gives you much more room to add more characterisation, setting, motivation and so on.

I’m about two thirds of the way through Holly Lisle’s free flash fiction course. If you’ve not tried writing so short before the course is a good introduction to how to create a beginning, middle and end using such a small word count. I don’t get anything from Holly from putting her course out there, I just enjoy her upfront style and find her helpful. And she does offer this short course for free. I’ve created one finished 500 word flash and have several others I’m working on from taking it so I’m more than happy I signed up.

Flash Fiction Online pays $60 for between 500 and 1000 words if they accept your submission. Sign up for a free Submittable account – well worth doing as a few markets I’ve come across use it – then find Flashfiction Online’s submission guidelines to submit – again for free – via Submittable. Do read their guidelines though as they’re very clear on what they view as suitable for their publication. They also have lots of previously published stories available so you can get a feel for what they like and how it can be done.

Because of the extra word count I played some more with my 500 words and added in – I hope – better motivation for my character’s actions. If Flashfiction Online say ‘Nay’ I have another market ready to send the piece to. I also have the original 500 word piece to send out. I now have ten pieces ‘out there’, have other markets lined up to send them to if they come back and am resolutely forgetting about them and getting on with creating new stuff.

It’s hard and in the back of my head I’m anxiously waiting for responses and crossing everything. Still. I’m miles ahead of where I was last year and I’m very, very happy with that.

Anyone else out there reading flash fiction or had a go at writing it? Enjoyable or a waste of time what do you think?


2 thoughts on “The Flash Fiction Form

  1. I find flash fiction a fun challenge 🙂 If you haven’t already, check out @FlashFicHive on Twitter. There will be weekly challenges starting February. (It used to be a monthly event, which was fun but harder to keep up with!)


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