Finding my way

I’m still resisting giving Twitter my phone number.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make this Blog look good.

In more writerly related news last night I googled whether writing competition wins are taxable. I know this is jumping the gun. If I was superstitious maybe I’d be jinxing my entries. I do feel a strange bashfulness about admitting seeking such info but I’m telling myself it’s good to be prepared and practical. And it’s all having the strange, knock on effect of taking my writing more seriously.

My search ended up at this website which I’m sharing because it is a fantastic writers resource and the author incredibly generous with his knowledge:

Christopher has pages of info about writing competitions for all genres and styles that he appears to regularly update including some that are free to enter. He also has lots of other articles that I’m working my way through and enjoying.

The outcome of my search about taxing wins was ambiguous. Some say HMRC has a right to their cut others debate that wins should be viewed differently than a general income from writing. Christopher has gone a step further and contacted HMRC and the response from them, which is from 2017 so very current, is on his website. I think though given the intricacies of the tax system – and the varying answers to the question – it may well be worth contacting them yourself if you make money from comp entries, especially if you’re a published writer and/or if you already pay tax on a regular non writing job.

Off to continue playing with WordPress.

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